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In the coming months we’ll be using the blog to focus on tenants and find out a bit more about what makes them tick.  Today we turn the spotlight on Jacqui Chapman, Director of J.C. Events.

Jacqui and her team recently moved into One Trinity Green and work with
a wide range of clients to deliver events. Taking office and manufacturing
space Jacqui’s business is rapidly expanding.

Jacqui offers the full event production service from creative concept to dynamic delivery.  Whether it’s a conference, exhibition, awards dinner or just a great party, Jacqui and her team bring their unique flair and personal touch to provide vibrant events with state-of-the-art audio visual technology. We asked her

Why did you choose to be based at One Trinity Green?

I was looking for somewhere new to locate my business and wanted to be in a place that had fresh impetus and an innovative and exciting attitude to doing business. One Trinity Green fits the bill in so many ways. There is a choice of office space, and I quickly found one perfect for my current team and from where we can grow. We need to keep in touch with clients at all hours and the centre has an incredibly fast and trustworthy Wi-Fi and internet capabilities. It also had a separate workshop from where we could construct our sets and store our props and equipment.  We are very busy and although there’s not a lot of time to relax but when we do you’ll find us enjoying the rooftop garden which has been perfect with the recent weather.

Your business takes you all over the North East – why is being located in South Tyneside so important to you?

It’s important because we need to be able reach clients and venues quickly to arrange meetings, check briefs and ensure the staging of each and every event is right. Getting the timing right is vital, and although all our events are rehearsed and perfectly structured, every minute can count. South Tyneside is so centrally located geographically within the region that I can be in Newcastle and Sunderland within 20 minutes, Teesside straight down the A19 in around 40 minutes, and of course through the Tyne Tunnel in little more than five. I’ve found the area to have an extremely positive outlook towards business and there’s a sense that things are getting done and progress is being made.

What are your plans to grow your business?

JC Events was established just four months ago and we’ve been incredibly busy, so much so that we’ve been able to expand our workforce on the back of recent contract wins and event orders. We work with a wide range of clients who want many and varied types of staging for their events, which is always challenging but incredibly satisfying. We’ve already worked for Fuji Films, RICs, Eurogamer, Prime Entertainment, PR agency White Hot Communications, and staged Newcastle Building Society’s 150th anniversary party. Other clients include Benfield Motors, NOF Energy, NEEF, Intersnack, Cestria, 2Macs, Rainbow Trust, GameHorizon, and Albion Overseas. We have also been signed up by PD Ports for a big event in October. Through working to the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction we intend to continue growing the business adding to both the core events and office team.

What would you say to a business looking to set up at OTG?

I’d wholeheartedly say go for it or, at the very least give a slice of your time to meeting Siobhan and her team. There’s nothing to be lost and a vast amount to be gained by any business which wants to operate from a vibrant and totally user-friendly centre alongside like-minded, talented business people intent on success. I’ve been working around the North East for many years and I can’t think of anywhere quite like it, there’s nowhere else I’d be based.

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