Perfect new home for renewable energy business, ARPower

Choosing One Trinity Green to rent office space in South Tyneside for its Northern operations was an easy decision for renewable energy company ARPower.

 (Advanced Renewable Power Ltd) design, supply, install and commission renewable energy systems for businesses and homes across North East England and the Scottish Borders.  The company’s owners are passionate about renewable energy and environmental sustainability, and being able to move into business premises that have already achieved a five-star “Outstanding” rating from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) was too good an opportunity to turn down.

Arp Advanced Renewable Power“Our company ethos and green credentials are entirely in line with those of One Trinity Green, making our partnership very strong, explains Admin & Finance Director Maria Pittiglio .  “We can definitely say that the decision to rent an office in South Tyneside has been a turning point for our company, and we’re excited that through being located at One Trinity Green even more local businesses can experience the benefits of environmentally sustainable systems too.”

ARP’s goal is to accelerate the use of Solar and other Renewable Energy technologies in the UK, in turn decreasing reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels.  The company aims to  be at the forefront of improving the environment for future generations by providing a ‘one stop shop for renewable energy, always reviewing our prices to remain competitive and to attain the highest returns on investment for their customers.

Find out more about ARPower here

If you’re interested in moving into One Trinity Green we’d love to here from you.  You can contact us here.

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